Lookster was founded with one simple mission - to provide its users with relevant unbiased search results whilst protecting their privacy. Lookster is a user-friendly search engine that does not track your Internet activity or sell your personal data to advertisers. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive search engine with a diverse set of search tools whilst protecting end-user’s privacy.
The mainstream search engines track you on and off the web in a myriad of ways. They collect data every time you search the web and visit a website. They use your personal data and online activity to build an advertising profile on you which they use to target you with specific advertisements. Lookster is different. We have built a number features into our platform which protect end-users privacy. We do not store any end-user data on our systems or track their activity to or from our website.
Lookster uses innovative technology to search the Web and strives to provide the most comprehensive and fulfilling search experience available on the Web. Lookster is a dynamic search engine, adding new search capabilities on a regular basis. Our goal is to give you the features you want most, presented in an extremely user-friendly format.
Our engineers are in the process of building a number of search options into Lookster which include; weather forecasting, interactive maps, Amazon and eBay search tools and a shopping comparison engine to find the best prices online. A browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is also planned, to provide the best possible functionality for users. We are developing a proprietary web crawler called Lookster Bot which will crawl, index and rank the billions of website pages on the Internet.
Tell us what you think
Please send us your feedback on what you like, what you don't, and what changes or additional features you'd like to see. Lookster is being designed with the user in mind and we appreciate your input.